Top 5 Alternatives to Netflix and Why

Netflix is an entertainment platform that has been in business since 1997. Back then, it was providing video-streaming and DVDs that were distributed by mail. But later in 2013 after its expansion, it ventured into the film and television viewing industry with an added distribution on the online platform. Its availability in close to 200 countries currently has given it a large number of subscribers. Just recently, the company has announced a hike in the prices of their packages. It has sparked a need for alternative platforms which are cheaper and others are free. Here are some of those platforms that could be utilized by viewers searching for better deals.


It is a platform that is all rounded when it comes to entertainment which is well equipped with lots of media content. ShowBox is definitely one of the most downloaded top free movie apps of all time. The main catch point that Showbox has about it is that a subscription is not necessary to access it. Its services are free, and it only needs one to install the Showbox app on their device. Another feature is that its entire media is available in High Definition format. It is also not characteristic of lags while streaming your favorite tv shows.


It is also a free site which has attracted millions of viewers all over the world. It offers a wide range of videos from funny clips, tutorial videos, science videos, movies, and series. (Their previews too are available). You can also add personal videos for purposes of sharing it with other viewers. You don’t have to download this app as it comes as a default in almost all electronic gadgets that can connect to a wireless network. It also has a safety mode appropriate for children under the age of 13.


It is another film site which has included a subscription in its provision. Its availability has spread to over 200 countries since its inception in 2007. It is also available for Apple devices, Android phones, and smart TV sets. It has a low subscription of $5.99 per month as compared to Netflix whose cheapest subscription as of now is at @7.99 per month.


Founded in 2004, this was the first website that offered high definition videos to their viewers. It is popular for its creative art. Lots of creative videos are uploaded here by a wide array of artists who are active members of the platform. All the creative videos are available as soon as one subscribes to be a member of the video-sharing website.

Sky Go

It offers online services for television which gives you the ability to watch TV at any given time and any given place. There is no limitation on the devices to access sky go with because one can use even play stations. Sports highlights, emerging news, movies and TV shows are some of the media content that sky subscribers can enjoy.


The above-mentioned websites are a credible alternative to Netflix which offer cheaper services or more specific services. (Vimeo is one example of creative art). You don’t have to be stuck with Netflix when there is an array of other video and film sites that are cheaper and more user-friendly.


8 Tips You Need to Know Before Playing Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4

Insomniac developers have made Spider Man’s PS4 more interesting. You can express yourself as well as play easily due to the web swinging properties. There are puzzles to solve as well as different locations which make the mission bigger. Without wasting time, here are the eight tips you should know before you begin Spider-Man PS4.

  1. Unlock A Suit That Has More Power

You will unlock your costumes by levelling up or earning XP. Spider-Man suits will require tokens to unlock, and you should not choose an outfit based on the looks but rather the power it contains. With a suit power, you will get access to special abilities, for instance, temporary bulletproof and refill of the focus meter.

    1. Collect Your Tokens

There will be landmarks to visit, research to do backpacks to track and crimes to stop. You can always pick one situation at a time. Use a map for guidance if you are worried about completing all the research at once. In the gadgets menu and the suit, you will find a mod, gadget upgrade, and suits. Ensure you have all the requirements and then check the map for directions. It will be easier to move and collect your tokens.

  1. Use Electric Punch For Crowd Control

It will get tougher to control the crowd as you progress. Get the ability to control the crowd by unlocking the electric punch. After activating the suit power, you can use the electric punches to shock your enemies. By popping up the punches at the right time, you will be able to eliminate the crowd faster.

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  1. You, Will, Get The Resources You Need At The Right Time

Do not get impatient if you cannot find the resources you need. Probably, you will find it later in the game. Continue to unlock the research, crimes, base, backpack, challenge, and landmark. You will be required to play for almost a quarter of the game before you unlock all the resources.

  1. Combat Is Easier When You Perfect Dodging

Perfect dodge should be among the first skills you unlock. Unlocking it will give you access to buy dodge window. With the dodge window, you will get more time to dodge an attack.

  1. Save Your Effort By Using Your Gadgets

As you proceed through the game, you will get access to more gadgets. Learn how to use them and when applicable, use gadgets instead of your effort. Come up with strategies and look for opportunities that spidey can use to eliminate enemies. For instance, when on the roof, place a concussive blast to kill the enemies and when the bad guys are in the same location, use an electrical web to destroy them.

  1. Use Subways To Fast Travel

There is no doubt that the fastest way to travel is by making use of the map. Using subways, however, will help you in bringing up fast travel menu. You will not get any rewards for doing this, but it is worth to give it a try.

  1. Complete Bonus Goals In Fights

There are different purposes for demon and thug crimes. For instance, webbing three enemies to the wall. If you have the skill and time, you should try to complete the task because by doing so, you will earn extra tokens.


Game Review: Dead Cells Is One Of The Best Castlevania Games In Years

As a Castlevania enthusiast, it is a strange time to live. At the moment, Netflix is restarting the game with an amazing action animated show. Since Koji Igarashi departed, the games also disappeared for a long time. A pachinko game unleashed in Japan during last year remains the most current games from the Castlevania series. The gaps have been filled for this game by the indie developers.

Dead Cells

Metroidvanias remains a series of 2D adventure games designed to fill the subgenre of the console. This game was expanded by Igarashi’s Castlevania and also pioneered with Metroid. Finding a game like Castlevania is not difficult. Nevertheless, finding a game that can offer the same feel like Castlevania may be difficult.

It is important to know that Dead Cells remain an old game. Since last year, Dead Cells have been accessible on PC. Nevertheless, the complete edition of the game will be for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and PS4 tomorrow. In this game, players will take the role of an unknown hero that rose up in a stinky environment. When playing this role, gamers will have to struggle hard to survive in this stinky environment.

When you start making progress in the game, you will eventually discover new geographical locations. This can be found in the likes of unsettling graveyards, sunlit castle rooftops, toxic sewers and some innovative battle to engage in. As the game progresses, you will find innovative weapons and abilities to stand the test of time. Once you have accumulated more weapons and powers, entering your previous living environment will no longer be threatening.

The entire actions in Dead Cells remain a design to build a creative Metroidvania. Why does Dead Cells pose almost the same feel like Castlevania? The main feature that brings Dead Cells close to Castlevania is the style used in the game. The pixel art environment and side-scrolling looks like something that may be an innovative Dracula castle. In Dead Cells, there is a plethora of gothic and strange beings walking around. From undead knights, eyeballs chained to the wall to giants, the game is extremely horror-like. The large alien creatures chained to the wall will give you a feel like a Castlevania.

People around the environment that can support you have creepy feelings as well. Behind the weird shopkeeper is a large glass canister. When talking about Dead Cells, you may have a feel of the Castlevania III. To regain health, you can consume turkey legs and wield an electric whip. It is important to know that Dead Cells only has the feel as Castlevania, but different games entirely. The design of the game is cascaded on permadeath, which remains a subtitle of the roguelike structure.

Castlevania is an action series that can help you learn more things about the horrors of life. Dead Cells will also give you the same feel while different from Castlevania. At the moment, the style of Dead Cells has made it the best Castlevania game in years.


5 Major Reasons Why is Reverse Osmosis Essential?

The water we drink is considered to be safe, and we trust the companies with their word. and we blindly take that word for granted as well. But how do they keep it safe? It’s all because of a process called Reverse Osmosis and that is what we are going to look at today. We will see how the process works and why it is so important for us to depend on the process.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

  • Before we get to the actual process, we should know on the surface that Reverse Osmosis is a technique that is used to keep the water safe from any contaminants that it may contain.
  • All the water that comes from pipes for bathing, washing and even drinking undergoes Reverse Osmosis before it reaches the user.
  • Naturally, the thought of why the process is necessary comes to our mind. For instance, if we have our own water supply through a well, we may think that it is not necessary for us to make the water go through any cleaning process as it is free from any harmful stuff.
  • But, there are chances for the water to be contaminated because there might be contaminants in the groundwater supply that we might be unaware of. There are already contaminants in every natural supply that we know of, thanks to the harmful chemicals that have been dumped throughout the years.
  • These chemicals somehow mix with every water supply, from rural areas to urban areas, there simply is no escape from it. Since the cleaning process for the water supplies might possibly take forever, and there are chances again for people to dump chemicals again even after everything has been cleaned. This is the most important reason why Reverse Osmosis is important.
  • Although the process of Reverse Osmosis remains clear, there exists some confusion between Reverse Osmosis and Water Softener and to avoid the confusion, we will look at some more water softener reviews here.

What is a water softener?

  • A water softener is a tool which is used predominantly for purposes apart from drinking. We may notice that sometimes the pots and pans we use start to lose out on its cleanliness and most of the time it is because of the water being hard.
  • Hence, using a water softener will get rid of the hard water and make it smooth for washing utensils and more.
  • Apart from making your utensils less clean, it also removes colour from your clothes and hence using this process makes your laundry bright as ever.
  • So, depending on the instance, one can go for both Reverse Osmosis and a Water Softener.
  • The most important thing to remember is the difference where Reverse Osmosis is used for drinking and a Water Softener is used for washing (mostly).

Insights on Reverse Osmosis

Now that we understand the difference between the two, we should come to the sole conclusion that Reverse Osmosis is more of a necessity than that of a Water softener. Let us take a look at some of the reasons as to why Reverse Osmosis is more necessary now.

  • The process is environmentally friendly and hence can be used without any second thoughts.
  • Reverse Osmosis systems are generally compact in nature and do not need much space for it to get around. In fact, most people just hang it on a wall and let it do its work.
  • The process is automatic and we do not have to do anything apart from setting it up.
  • Cost of maintenance is very low, and so is the energy needed for it to operate.
  • Last but not the least, it keeps you healthy, which is by far the most important reason to stress on.

Looking at the above-mentioned points, it is clear that having a Reverse Osmosis system is very useful. So, don’t wait to get one and start using it!


Best PLS Monitors For Call Of Duty WW2

Call of Duty WWII is a sequel of a famous first-person shooting video game planned to be launched in November this year. It is a game developed by Sledgehammer games. This game is demanding high-quality graphics for taking the most out of it. For high-quality graphics rendering, it is important to have the best displays like  to watch it. This calls for the PLS technology displays. This article discusses some popular PLS technology display.

What is PLS display?

PLS stands for Plane to Line switching display technology developed by Samsung. It is similar to the IPS – In-Panel switching technology being used in the LCD & LED screens these days. Although PLS and IPS are almost similar display technologies, PLS has certain added advantages. PLS displays are cheaper to manufacture, provides better image quality and resolution and better brightness too.

Best PLS displays in the market

There are numerous PLS monitors available in the market these days. This article discusses the 5 top performing PLS displays here.

#1 Samsung 370 S24E370DL

This is a 24-inch monitor with a full HD resolution. It has a shiny blue transparent bezel around its screen. The display has a stunning and appealing appearance. The ultra-thin bezel not only gives a great viewing angle of 178 degrees but also gives greater display space. The monitor supports AMD FreeSync which helps in reducing the response to as low as 4ms. Thus, overall it ranks among the top five of all the screens

#2 YIDO Display 325FHDCV

This is a 32-inch curved display with PLS technology. With the curved geometry, this screen offers a theatrical viewing experience. However, the screen lags in response time compared to the above Samsung screen. The curved display offers better viewing angles and color rendition but requires you to stay at a minimum distance to view it better. The monitor comes with a full HD resolution and DVI+HDMI support

#3 Philips 272P4QPJKEB

This is a professional hard carcass monitor with a PLS Quad HD display. As evident, the display quality is far off the above two. However, it renders only 8-bit colors and 109ppi images which are low compared to its specifications. It comes with a smart connect feature which allows you to connect almost any device over HDMI, DVI or Display port. Its Smart ErgoBase allows you to make necessary ergonomic adjustments.

#4 New Qnix Qx2710 LED Evolution ⅱ 2

The Qnix display is a Korean product delivery the best-in-class resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. It offers truly excellent virtual reality support. Moreover, it has a flicker-free backlight to help you reduce strains and eye fatigue. This version of the display comes with numerous ports to connect the display with various devices. In addition to that, it also has stereo speakers inbuilt to provide you with great sound during gaming.


A 32-inch curved display almost similar to the YIDO display mentioned above. However, the resolution is lower compared to it. This display comes with a 1920×1080 resolution. The aspect ratio of 16:9 and a refresh rate of 60Hz give just the perfect blend for gaming display.


Although there are numerous displays on the market, we can conclude that the 4th display in the above list proves to be the best display you could purchase right now for playing Call of Duty WWII. It not only provides a great picture quality but also a great viewing experience with its high resolution. If there are no budget constraints, we recommend you to purchase this display for your gaming needs.