[Fix] Valorant Connection Error: “Valorant has encountered a connection error”

Even though I’m a regular Valorant player, the game’s got a lot of bugs. I often see this connection error while playing Valorant: Valorant Connection Error: “Valorant has encountered a connection error. Please relaunch the client to reconnect”. It’s usually one of these error codes:

Error Code: 68

Error Code: 29

Error Code: 46 (this means the Valorant server is down for maintenance or update)

Valorant Connection Error

How to Fix Valorant Connection Error: “Valorant has encountered a connection error”

Step 1: Add Valorant to Windows Firewall. To do so, press your Windows key to load your start menu and type in “Firewall” and click on “Firewall & network protection”.

Step 2: Then click on “Allow an app through firewall” and click on “Change settings”. You must have administrator privileges to do this. Then select “Allow another app”.

Step 3: Now click on “Browse” and go to your Valorant installation folder. Select these two .exe files: 1. Riot Games >> Valorant >> live >> Valorant.exe and 2. Riot Games >> Valorant >> live >> ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe.

Step 3. Now select both “Private” and “Public” for those 2 .exe files.

Step 4: Use Google DNS or Open DNS instead of your ISP’s default DNS. To do this, righ click on the WiFi icon from your taskbar and click on “Open Network and Internet settings”.

Step 5: Click on “Change adapter settings”. Then right click on the network you are using and select “Properties”.

Step 6: Double click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and select the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option in the second box.

Step 7: You could use these recommended DNS IPs:

Google DNS




Step 8: That’s it. Click on “Ok” and save.

Did this fix your issue? If not, there might be a problem with your ISP or perhaps the Valorant network is down. You could also try to use a VPN to try to fix this issue.




ShowBox – Free Movies App for Android

Do you own an android device and desperately need to download the latest movies and TV shows for free but don’t know how to go about it? Need not worry anymore because ShowBox app has got you covered.

ShowBox app is a free mobile app that automatically fetches new movies, their cast, and crew along with the trailers of these movies. This app provides you with all the details you need about these movies and TV shows.

There are many fascinating features you would love in this Showbox app. You can easily search for your favorite movies and TV shows and save it for offline view or add it to your watch list.

Access to download this exciting Showbox app is free. This ShowBox APK has a size of 6.3 MB, with over 2 million installations. Interesting right?

Here’s another exciting thing about this free movie android app; You do not need to have a sophisticated android device to be able to use this Showbox APK. You can have this wonderful piece on your phone with as long as your device has 2GB RAM and 1GB internal storage. It is important to note that this app works fine on both no-root and root devices.

Click here to download the APK file now.

Here are the main features of the ShowBox Free Movies App for Android:

  • It works at a breakneck speed
  • Users can quickly check what people are saying about a movie because there is a review section on every movie.
  • You do not need to register, subscribe, or pay any fee before you can use this app. It is a free movie app for android, and you can rest assured that you will get access to all movies you can think of.
  • Showbox app provides details on the cast and crew of every movie available on the app. It also provides several other relevant information about the app.
  • The app is linked with several popular and top-rated movie sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, TMDB, MetaCritic, and IMBD. Linkage with these sites enables its users to be able to go through the reviews about different movies as it is on these sites.

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How to download and install the ShowBox Free Movies App for Android

Pretty sure the features of this app, as shown above, has increased your interest. Follow these simple steps to download and install this wonderful piece.

  1. Before downloading, you may need to toggle on “Unknown Sources” on your devices, and to do this, go to your phone setting. You would find this feature in the “Security” section of your device.
  2. Click here to download ShowBox APK file. This will not take much of your time since the app if only 6.3 MB in size.
  3. To install the downloaded file, open it, and select the “Install” option. It’ll install Showbox app on your deivce.
  4. You can now proceed to launch the Showbox app and enjoy its features after the installation process has completed.

ShowBox free movies app for android can also be used on different devices, including iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) and even on PC devices for free.


In the Tall Grass on Netflix Explained 2020

Are you stuck in the tall grass when you didn’t even go into the tall grass in the first place? You must be baffled after watching the newly released Netflix film, In the Tall Grass written by Stephen King and Joe Hill. What does the tall rock in the middle of the field represent? Are you confused about why the characters were suddenly out of the grass and then running right back in when they were already dead? And what were those green people supposed to be? Let’s put all the blink and miss it details to the page and figure out this film.

Becky and Cal

Becky and Cal are the first characters introduced. They are brother and sister who have a close relationship with each other. Pregnant, Becky has decided that she doesn’t feel that she’d make a good mother and decides to go meet the family who she is going to give her baby to.

Stopping alongside the road near a field of tall grass, Becky and Cal hear a little boy calling out for help. Apparently, he has been stuck in the tall grass for days. Cal decides to rescue the boy while Becky is unsure. Reluctant she follows Cal into the grass where they soon lose each other in the endless mazes.

Tobin and his Family

Tobin, a little boy, has been trapped in the tall grass for a questionable amount of time. On his first night, Cal bumps into Tobin. Meanwhile, Becky follows Ross, Tobin’s dad. They seem to know a lot more about the tall grass. It’s unknown how long or how many times Tobin and his family have been lured into this grass, but due to Tobin’s mom’s hysterical reactions, it has been a while seeing how she is aware of the changing loops.


Two months later, Travis, Becky’s ex-boyfriend (and the father-to-be) is in search of Becky and Cal. Noticing their dusty car parked at the church, and spying a very old burger, and even Becky’s book near the tall grass, Travis decides its time to further investigate.

Wandering into the tall grass, he can’t seem to find his way out, noticing that the direction of the sun has changed in only a second. Running into Tobin he takes him to Becky’s body. As Tobin says, the field does not move the bodies. Heartbroken, Travis refuses to leave Becky’s body.

The Time Loops

Upon waking up the next morning, Travis hears voices. Except they’re very familiar voices. Tobin and his family are outside the grass! It’s the grass playing tricks. Alerted by Travis’ calls and even warning him not to come into the tall grass, Tobin and his parents walk into the tall grass where their whole nightmare starts all over again.

And then Becky and Cal show up in their car, lured into the grass in the exact same way but with no memory of what had happened. Once everyone meets back up again, Travis tells them that they have been missing for two months while the siblings believe that it has only been a couple of times. Clearly, the grass has been playing tricks.

It’s not clear on who lured who into the grass due to the grass playing time loop tricks on its prisoners. And Becky was already dead.

How the Grass Works?

The grass controls time and everyone’s position even changing where everyone originally was. The only buildings we ever see are the church, the bowling alley surrounded in the tall grass and a small town that Becky and Cal pass.

The unique nature of time in the grass creates an alternative timeline in which all the events are happening at once. Those trapped in the grass are reborn again and again. Will the people change their path or stick with the path continuing to make mistakes or fix their problems?

Did you notice that there were a lot of cars parked in the church? The name of the church is ‘The Church of Black Rock the Redeemer.’ The church acts as a portal between the road and the field.

The Meaning of the Rock

The rock that sits in the middle of the field has a spiritual meaning. Touching it gives one the power to see the secrets behind the grass. The outcome of touching this rock varies depending on the character’s motivation.

Ross has turned into an evil sociopathic mastermind, killing for fun over and over, and refusing to tell everyone how to get out of this field when he knows how to get out. He happily states that this rock ‘brought everyone together.’ He also quips that touching the rock will redeem one for their sins.

The rock has ancient symbolic hieroglyphics drawn onto it, which includes the sacrifice of a baby. Becky collapse to the ground feeling her baby coming. Suddenly the ground cracks open revealing several bodies begging for her help. Those are the fates of all those who have fallen victim to the tall grass. They were not worthy of the rock’s power. Instead of redemption, the rock punishes them making all those with sins suffer for eternity.

The rock is a symbol of sacrifice and redemption. However, even after witnessing Ross’s evil plans, Travis touches the rock knowing full well of what could happen. Since Travis has sinned in his past, the rock decides to give him redemption. Arguably, Travis is still saved, even though he is still trapped in the tall grass, presumably dying.

The Ending

The loop has decided to start over again. Becky and Cal once again drive up to the tall grass and hear Tobin shouting for help. Tobin successfully makes them avoid going into the tall grass and avoid it all together making them drive away from the nightmare before another time loop starts. While Travis could have saved himself, Travis decides to save Tobin, sending him back to the past to alternate the future, warning him not to let (Becky and Cal) in.


Best Mod for Recluse in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an FPS (first-person shooting game) game, where the player experiences all the action as the major character. It is only played online. It was first released in September 2017 for Xbox One and Playstation 4. Later on, another version for Microsoft Windows was released. An American video game publishing company, Activision published Destiny 2 till early 2019. Afterward, another Amerian video game publishing company, Bungie took the publishing rights. It is the sequel of another online-only FPS game, Destiny, released back in 2014.

Destiny 2 gives you the experience of responsive combats, explore the solar system, and to fight against powerful enemies.

How to get Recluse in Destiny 2?

In this online FPS game, Destiny 2, the player collects weapons and armors to defend himself from enemies. Recluse is one of the weapons in this game. It is a pinnacle weapon. It was released when the Season of the Drifter begun.

The quest to acquire this weapon is one of the most challenging quests. Here’s how you can acquire this most demanding Destiny 2 SMG.

Get Recluse from the mouth of babes:

  • To get recluse you must first unlock the pinnacle weapon quest from “The Mouth of Babes”. The Mouth of Babes is a legendary quest in the game Destiny 2.
  • For completing the first step you need to visit Lord Shaxx in the tower.
  • When you will visit Lord Shaxx, you will find the quest “From the mouth of Babes” in the pursuits section from the wares.
  • You need to pick this quest and it will automatically add to your inventory.

  • Now after getting this quest, you need to complete it to get the Recluse.
  • The only prerequisite for this quest is to complete the crucible triumph “The Stuff of Myth”
  • In order to complete “The Stuff of Myth”, there are two main requirements;
    • Successfully complete Crucible matches
    • Come to fabled rank
  • The above two tasks will take time to get completed. To win Crucible matches you need to fill the progress bar completely i-e 100%. Winning a Crucible match with normal difficulty adds only 1% to the progress bar. However, if you take Iron Banner matches and Competitive playlist, then you can fill up your progress bar more rapidly. But there is a risk associated with taking competitive matches that is if you lose any of the competitive matches, then you will lose points.

  • After winning these matches, you need to reach the “Fabled Rank”. There are a total of six ranks in this game; Guardian, Brave, Heroic, Fabled, Mythic, Legend.
  • You may progress and reach the upper levels by playing and winning matches.
  • Completing both requirements, you will complete “The Stuff of Myth”.
  • Now you will be able to turn in the quest “From the Mouth of Babes” and this will reward you with the elusive pinnacle weapon, the SMG Recluse.

Why Recluse is So Good?

This submachine gun, Recluse is one of the favorite weapons of the Destiny 2 players, because of it’s amazing features

  • Lightweight: this SMG being very light in weight, lets the player equip it while playing.
  • Polygonal Rifling:
  • Feeding Frenzy: The players’ kills can be increased drastically, as this perk allows the weapon to be reloaded in a very short time.
  • Master of Arms: The weapon shreds everything with this perk in both PvP and PvE.
  • Ricochet Rounds: With this SMG, you the hard surfaces can be ricochet off in the rounds, increasing stability and range.
  • Tracker Disabled: No tracker is displayed on this weapon.
  • Kill Tracker: It keeps track of the number of enemies you defeat with it.
  • Crucible Tracker: It also keeps track of the number of crucible opponents you defeated with this gun.

The most unique perk of this weapon is Master of Arms, which has made a difference in the weapons collection.

Best Mod for Recluse in Destiny 2

You can play the game either PvP (Player versus Player) or PvE (Player versus enemy). The best mods for Recluse are different in both cases. According to the players’ experience, it has been noted that in the case of PvP, the Major Spec mode of the Recluse plays an excellent role. In the case of PvE, the Counterbalance mode is a wise choice.


How to Fix Dev Error 6068 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare: March 2020 Fix 100% Working!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is one of the most popular video games available for PC and if you’re playing it on PC, there is a high chance that you have encountered a game error. One of the most common errors associated with Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the 6068 error. When most people see this message, they automatically assume that they will be unable to play the game and they uninstall the game immediately. Game errors are merely indicators that something is not right, and needs to be rectified for your game to work properly. With the 6068 errors, it may be that the game settings are too high for your PC and you may need to adjust them. Here are common ways to fix the Dev Error 6068 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare:

Dev Error 6068

Run the game as Administrator

  • Granting the game administrator privileges may help solve the problem, as it is a common fix for most game errors. You can do this by right-clicking on the game shortcut icon, and selecting run as administrator from the menu that appears. If this fix works, you may want to make sure the game always launches with administrative privileges each time, and you can do this by selecting properties from the pop-up menu after right-clicking the game’s shortcut icon, or the .exe file. Once the properties bar is displayed, you select the compatibility option and check the run as an administrator box. Once this is done, the game will run as administrator, each time you open it.

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Procedure to Fix Dev Error 6068 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

  • Firstly, you will have to disable your NVIDIA overlay, as well as any other overlay applications, as they may be holding up your dedicated video memory.
  • Ensure that your Windows is the latest version, as this will ensure that you have all the necessary components for the game to function properly.
  • Adjust the game window to borderless: This is done in the game setting and it reduces the game’s load on your video memory and CPU.
  • Disable your RTX and XBOX game bars if they are active, to reduce the number of applications depleting your PC’s processing power.
  • Adjust the game’s refresh rate: the refresh rate of the game may be higher than your PC is capable of supporting, but it can be altered to lower settings in the game’s setting.
  • Set the game to high priority on your CPU: This setting is achieved through the task manager, under the details option. You right-click on the game and select the set priority option from the menu that pops up.
  • Reduce the particles setting of the game in the settings
  • Reduce the frames per second (fps) of the game: This option is achieved in the 3D settings, in the NVIDIA control panel. Select program settings, and locate the game, and adjust the vertical sync to “adaptive half refresh rate”. Once this is completed, the game will automatically be adjusted to 30 frames per second, which should be low enough to run on your PC without any errors.




ShowBox Not Working? Here are the best ShowBox Alternatives You Can Try in 2020

Movie streaming is very much in demand currently, and seems to be on the rise all across the world. This service has become so popular as a result of the considerable number of advantages it has over more traditional settings like cinemas. The more popular the service becomes, the more it expands and moves into more platforms, with streaming services available on computers, mobile devices and smart Televisions. One of the most frequently used platforms is the smartphone, with the Android operating system. You can watch movies and tv shows using Showbox Apk as it’s one of the best platforms to watch for free.

ShowBox App is one of the most widely used free streaming service platforms on Android with the key advantage being the fact that using this app is free. There are a lot of content available on the Showbox APK file that feature both recent releases and older titles, Showbox provides you with enough movies to fill your days with awe. Despite all the advantages that the Showbox app provides, sometimes, you can encounter Stream error like Showbox not working, connection error and other problems when using the Showbox apk file. Instead of searching movie streaming sites it’s easier to use the Showbox app to save time. Showbox app may be unresponsive or the content may not load, which can be frustrating to the user. There were a few issues that made ShowBox not working in the last year. In an attempt to ensure your fun isn’t ruined by an app glitch, you can here are some other Showbox alternatives, which are just as effective:

  • HULU: So this particular entry is not actually a free streaming service, but there are free trials and other special packages afforded to new and existing subscribers. You can enjoy thousands of exclusive movies and TV shows to be streamed at your personal convenience, and it’s one of the best Showbox apk alternatives. This service has the added advantage of having original content that you may not find anywhere else and all these content are available to its users for a small monthly fee, which you can choose to terminate whenever you feel like it.

  • POPCORN TIME: This option is totally free and has an added benefit of being available on platforms other than the Android device. The app has a simple interface that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it easy to use. With thousands of movies and TV shows available, all in high quality, popcorn time grant you control over your entertainment preferences and all that is required to get the best out of this app is a solid internet connection to guarantee a pleasurable experience and you won’t have to face the trouble to troubleshoot wifi connection.

  • VUDU: Another free app on this list, but this option comes with a flaw, which is closely associated with free streaming app, it is supported by ads, and as such your viewing experience may be interrupted by ads. Nevertheless, there are tons of great content available on this app, ranging from some of the most recent releases, to timeless classics that may be difficult to find across the web. You can also get rid of the ads, and increase you viewer experience by paying a small fee, which would upgrade you to a pro account, which also comes with an entirely new set of benefits.

  • PLAYBOX HD: Many users prefer PlayBox to other streaming services, and maybe this is because there are very few issues or problems associated with using the app, and all the awesome advantages and features that come with it. One of the most obvious advantages of the app is that it lets you download movies and TV shows to be watched offline, at a later time, even when there is no internet connection available. There is a seemingly endless library of movies and TV shows to choose from and they are arranged into several categories, enabling you to easily find the movies you like.

  • MEGABOX HD: Another free app entry on this list. It may not be as popular as some of the other entries on the list, but it is certainly worth its place on the list. With so much great content available on the app, you are bound to have a great time and probably recommend this app to a friend. The only real downside to this particular app is that you may not be able to download it from your regular app store. However, you can find, download and install it through easy processes that can be found via google.

  • 123MOVIES: This is probably one of the most popular entries on this list and will probably not be new to those who usually stream movies via web on PC. With great content that includes latest Movies and TV shows, this app provides the opportunity to keep up with all you favorite films, at your convenience, without having to worry about timely viewings. You select and watch any content at your comfort for free, and you don’t even have to sign up or create a free account, but doing so has its own advantages.

  • MOBDRO: This app saves you the hassle of having to locate exactly what movie or TV show to watch, as the content are sorted and arranged into channels much like your regular television arrangement. All these channels are available for free, but there is also a premium account that comes with several added benefits. You can also download live content to be watched at a later time, freeing you to carry out regularly scheduled tasks, without worrying about missing out on your favorite TV shows and movies. The app is also available on other platforms like the iOS, mac and PC, so you can enjoy this experience on other android devices as well.

  • COTO MOVIES: Another app that you may not find on your local app store. This app features some of the best and latest content in movies and TV shows, and it is supported on other platforms other than Android OS, including iOS and Firestick. The content on this app are updated regularly to ensure you don’t lose touch with all that is going on in your favorite TV shows and movies. If you are interested in this app, you can go to the download page to download and install the app. There are also step by step instructions available on the page to help you install the app with ease, and get the best viewing experience possible.


My heart was born out of the fire. I lost love a thousand years ago. And still, I can’t find her. Now I don’t love like I used to, ohh. But I’ve got stories I could tell you.

My heart was born out of the fire I lost love a thousand years ago And still, I can't find her Now I don't love like I used to, ohh But I've got stories I could tell you

“My heart was born out of the fire

I lost love a thousand years ago

And still, I can’t find her

Now I don’t love like I used to, ohh

But I’ve got stories I could tell you, if I want to, oh”


5 Major Reasons Why Reverse Osmosis is Essential?

The water we drink is considered to be safe, and we trust the companies with their word. and we blindly take that word for granted as well. But how do they keep it safe? It’s all because of a process called Reverse Osmosis and that is what we are going to look at today. We will see how the process works and why it is so important for us to depend on the process.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

  • Before we get to the actual process, we should know on the surface that Reverse Osmosis is a technique that is used to keep the water safe from any contaminants that it may contain.
  • All the water that comes from pipes for bathing, washing and even drinking undergoes Reverse Osmosis before it reaches the user.
  • Naturally, the thought of why the process is necessary comes to our mind. For instance, if we have our own water supply through a well, we may think that it is not necessary for us to make the water go through any cleaning process as it is free from any harmful stuff.
  • But, there are chances for the water to be contaminated because there might be contaminants in the groundwater supply that we might be unaware of. There are already contaminants in every natural supply that we know of, thanks to the harmful chemicals that have been dumped throughout the years.
  • These chemicals somehow mix with every water supply, from rural areas to urban areas, there simply is no escape from it. Since the cleaning process for the water supplies might possibly take forever, and there are chances again for people to dump chemicals again even after everything has been cleaned. This is the most important reason why Reverse Osmosis is important.
  • Although the process of Reverse Osmosis remains clear, there exists some confusion between Reverse Osmosis and Water Softener and to avoid the confusion, we will look at some more water softener reviews here.

What is a water softener?

  • A water softener is a tool which is used predominantly for purposes apart from drinking. We may notice that sometimes the pots and pans we use start to lose out on its cleanliness and most of the time it is because of the water being hard.
  • Hence, using a water softener will get rid of the hard water and make it smooth for washing utensils and more.
  • Apart from making your utensils less clean, it also removes colour from your clothes and hence using this process makes your laundry bright as ever.
  • So, depending on the instance, one can go for both Reverse Osmosis and a Water Softener.
  • The most important thing to remember is the difference where Reverse Osmosis is used for drinking and a Water Softener is used for washing (mostly).

Insights on Reverse Osmosis

Now that we understand the difference between the two, we should come to the sole conclusion that Reverse Osmosis is more of a necessity than that of a Water softener. Let us take a look at some of the reasons as to why Reverse Osmosis is more necessary now.

  • The process is environmentally friendly and hence can be used without any second thoughts.
  • Reverse Osmosis systems are generally compact in nature and do not need much space for it to get around. In fact, most people just hang it on a wall and let it do its work.
  • The process is automatic and we do not have to do anything apart from setting it up.
  • Cost of maintenance is very low, and so is the energy needed for it to operate.
  • Last but not the least, it keeps you healthy, which is by far the most important reason to stress on.

Looking at the above-mentioned points, it is clear that having a Reverse Osmosis system is very useful. So, don’t wait to get one and start using it!


Mac Miller – Good News Lyrics

Mac Miller Good News Lyrics

Mac Miller, as many of you know, was an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer who died of an accidental drug overdose on Sept. 7th, 2018. It was known that he was working on an album with Jon Brion after the success of “Swimming”. Miller’s family and Brion worked together to complete the “Circles” album as a tribute to the rapper. The first track of the album is called “Good News” and it’s out on all streaming services as well as on YouTube. Here are the Mac Miller Good News lyrics:

[Verse 1]

I spent the whole day in my head
Do a little spring cleanin’
I’m always too busy dreamin’, yeah
Well, maybe I should wake up instead
A lot of things I regret, but I just say, “I forget”
Why can’t it just be easy?
Why does everybody need me to stay?
Oh, I hate the feeling
When you’re high but you’re underneath the ceiling
Got the cards in my hand, I hate dealing, yeah
Get everything I need then I’m gone, but it ain’t stealing
Can I get a break?
I wish that I could just get out my goddamn way
What is there to say?
There ain’t a better time than today
But maybe I’ll lay down for a little, yeah
Instead of always trying to figure everything out
And all I do is say sorry
Half the time I don’t even know what I’m saying it about


Good news, good news, good news
That’s all they wanna hear
No, they don’t like you when I’m down
But when I’m flying, oh
It make ’em so uncomfortable
So different, what’s the difference?

[Verse 2]

Well, it ain’t that bad
It could always be worse
I’m running out of gas, hardly anything left
Hope I make it home from work
Well, so tired of being so tired
Why I gotta build something beautiful just to go set it on fire?
I’m no liar, but
Sometimes the truth don’t sound like the truth
Maybe ’cause it ain’t
I just love the way it sound when I say it
Yeah, it’s what I do
If you know me, it ain’t anything new
Wake up to the moon, haven’t seen the sun in a while
But I heard that the sky’s still blue, yeah
I heard they don’t talk about me too much no more
And that’s a problem with a closed door


Good news, good news, good news
That’s all they wanna hear
No, they don’t like you when I’m down
But when I’m flying, oh
It make ’em so uncomfortable
So different, what’s the difference?

[Verse 3]

There’s a whole lot more for me waitin’ on the other side
I’m always wonderin’ if it feel like summer
I know maybe I’m too late, I could make it there some other time
I’ll finally discover
That there’s a whole lot more for me waitin’
That there’s a whole lot more for me waitin’
I know maybe I’m too late, I could make it there some other time
Then I’ll finally discover
That it ain’t that bad, ain’t so bad
Well it ain’t that bad, mm
At least it don’t gotta be no more


No more, no more, no more, no more
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
Hey, hey
Mm, hey, mm, mm, mm




Fix Fortnite Launch Error: Launch Failed. Patching was unsuccessful. Fortnite Error Code: LS-0006

If you’ve just tried opening Epic Games launcher to play Fortnite, and getting this annoying error: “Launch Failed. Patching was unsuccessful. Fortnite Error Code: LS-0006”, and the status stuck at “Preparing”, it must be really very annoying for you. Let me tell you how to fix the Fortnite launch error:

Fix Launch Failed. Patching was unsuccessful. Fortnite Error Code LS-0006

Fix “Launch Failed. Patching was unsuccessful. Fortnite Error Code LS-0006”

  • First, press these buttons on your keyboard: Ctrl + Alt + Delete, and then select “Task Manager”.
  • From the processes’ list, search for “EpicGamesLauncher”, right click on it and select “End task”.
  • Then, from your desktop or start menu, right click on the Epic Games Launcher application and select “Run as administrator”.
  • That should fix the problem now and Fortnite should install the latest patch automatically.

That’s it, folks, let us know in the comments if the above procedure fixed the problem for you, and if you have an alternative way around it, please share it with us as well. Thank you!