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Five sites we love for a bit of downtime

In today’s busy world, we all need a bit of downtime!

A bit of peace and quiet to do anything you want is a serious luxury when you’re a parent – and even if you’re not. We love the sound of silence, and that rare feeling of there not being anything too pressing that needs doing. But when it comes around we’re often paralysed by options. Free time is precious and even though it might sound a bit regimented, having some ideas for what to do during these rare occasions can be really useful.

I also fall victim to doomscrolling; endlessly and pointlessly scrolling through my phone for ages. But I’ve also got a hit-list of sites I love to visit when I’ve got some time to myself. It sounds weird, but try it if you ever have a spare 15 minutes on your hands.


I have recently discovered Plays.org, which is packed full of fun games. I really love it when I’m just sitting down for a cup of tea, don’t have time to invest in a TV show and don’t want to get sucked into social media. The games are easy to play, fun and weirdly help you relax. In our family, we all of have our favourites, and my game of choice is usually a game called Disney Word Play. It is basically a word search game where you try to use all the letters in a square grid to spell words which are 3 letters or longer. This a great game to play by myself as it really isn’t taxing on the brain or if my little girl is around, she often likes to join in too.

Mental Floss

This website makes me feel like I’m smarter after reading an article or two. Mental Floss covers a crazy amount of subjects, so you can always find something you’re interested in knowing more about. You can learn how to make kombucha, find out where the most isolated places to stay in the world are and get some of questions you always wondered about answered. I love the fact generator – which just tells you amazing facts at the click of a button.


Imgur is a smart, simple website that just collates all of the most-recent memes into one place. It always brings a smile to my face with the crazy and hilarious stuff you find on there. Snuggle up on your living room sofa and have a scroll!

On the house

I’m a huge fan of journalist Sophie Heawood, and I love her fascination with property. She loves gorgeous homes and she now has a brilliant column on Living Etc called On the House where she trawls Right Move to find the best houses to have a nose around.


A real time waster, here, but there’s something strangely addictive about This is Sand. You just make your own virtual sand art. It’s relaxing and pointless, but I’m into it?

What websites do you love to check out when you’ve got the time? Do you love to read articles or prefer to hit the shops? Let us know in the comments below!

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