As a Castlevania enthusiast, it is a strange time to live. At the moment, Netflix is restarting the game with an amazing action animated show. Since Koji Igarashi departed, the games also disappeared for a long time. A pachinko game unleashed in Japan during last year remains the most current games from the Castlevania series. The gaps have been filled for this game by the indie developers.

Dead Cells

Metroidvanias remains a series of 2D adventure games designed to fill the subgenre of the console. This game was expanded by Igarashi’s Castlevania and also pioneered with Metroid. Finding a game like Castlevania is not difficult. Nevertheless, finding a game that can offer the same feel like Castlevania may be difficult.

It is important to know that Dead Cells remain an old game. Since last year, Dead Cells have been accessible on PC. Nevertheless, the complete edition of the game will be for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and PS4 tomorrow. In this game, players will take the role of an unknown hero that rose up in a stinky environment. When playing this role, gamers will have to struggle hard to survive in this stinky environment.

When you start making progress in the game, you will eventually discover new geographical locations. This can be found in the likes of unsettling graveyards, sunlit castle rooftops, toxic sewers and some innovative battle to engage in. As the game progresses, you will find innovative weapons and abilities to stand the test of time. Once you have accumulated more weapons and powers, entering your previous living environment will no longer be threatening.

The entire actions in Dead Cells remain a design to build a creative Metroidvania. Why does Dead Cells pose almost the same feel like Castlevania? The main feature that brings Dead Cells close to Castlevania is the style used in the game. The pixel art environment and side-scrolling looks like something that may be an innovative Dracula castle. In Dead Cells, there is a plethora of gothic and strange beings walking around. From undead knights, eyeballs chained to the wall to giants, the game is extremely horror-like. The large alien creatures chained to the wall will give you a feel like a Castlevania.

People around the environment that can support you have creepy feelings as well. Behind the weird shopkeeper is a large glass canister. When talking about Dead Cells, you may have a feel of the Castlevania III. To regain health, you can consume turkey legs and wield an electric whip. It is important to know that Dead Cells only has the feel as Castlevania, but different games entirely. The design of the game is cascaded on permadeath, which remains a subtitle of the roguelike structure.

Castlevania is an action series that can help you learn more things about the horrors of life. Dead Cells will also give you the same feel while different from Castlevania. At the moment, the style of Dead Cells has made it the best Castlevania game in years.