back to school blues

Top Tips for Dealing with Back to School Blues

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With the return of school in a few weeks for all children it’s going to feel like a struggle to get them back into the groove once again. While your child may well be excited to start a new year teeming with challenges and new lessons to learn, your child may also be stressing about what’s to come. This private school in London shares their top tips for helping your child get back into enjoying their new year at school.

Make their routine feel really special

It’s easy to just go back to the way things were in the past, with the breakfast thrown together and you spend time scrambling to get your child’s bag ready for the day. Get prepared the night or weekend before so that it’s laid out and less hassle for you both on their first day back. Get their favourite foods in and make a lovely breakfast that they’ll appreciate to get them feeling motivated for the day.

If your child walks to school then you can walk down together and talk about what your child is going to look forward to in their studies this year. If your child gets a bus, especially if it’s their first time heading on the bus, then be there as emotional support.

back to school blues

Have a chat to teachers before your child heads in

Especially in primary school or prep school settings you will have the opportunity to talk to your child’s teachers in advance of their first day. You can get a lay of the land for yourself and see where you can better support your child in the coming months. Having that chat beforehand can prepare for anything coming your child’s way across the year.

Encourage your child to meet up with their friends before going back to school

Seeing familiar faces and meeting up with their friends before heading back will make that mini reunion in school all the more easier. Your child and their friends are both going to benefit from doing this; they get to have fun altogether and they can recreate this once they return to education.

Talk about school

Having regular chats about how school will go for your child this year will make it less of a struggle to get them back into the flow. Remind them of how going to school should always feel like a great place to grow and flourish. It’ll help massively with your child’s growth, and will make the return to school much less daunting.

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