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6 tips for creating your dream home office

With home working becoming increasingly common, it is well worth giving some thought to setting up your own home office. Whether you have the space to dedicate a whole room to an office or you have a corner in your bedroom there are all sorts of ways to decorate your home office. Here we look at our top 6 tips for creating your dream home office. I hope you love these ideas as much as I enjoyed coming up with them…

1. Get the professionals in!

If I was creating my dream home office I would definitely hire a professional to assess the space and work with me for my requirements. Picture floor to ceiling bookcases, desk space for a screen or two, somewhere for all the office essentials. And lots of natural light!

2. Smart working

I would use a Smartbox Office Storage system to carry files and documents between office storage cabinets and my own home office desk. These boxes are constructed using translucent (opal) double-skin Corex that can be recycled. There is the option to add carry straps if required. Edge extrusions and two business card size pockets in a landscape format are included as standard.

3. Luxurious

Think about the extra touches that will help to make it a dream office. I would want a luxurious deep pile carpet and plenty of space to do some yoga to break the day up! You might want a flat screen TV in there and surround sound. Perhaps some bifold doors onto the garden? You don’t just need to save the luxurious decor for your living room!

4. Dare to decorate

Decorating the room in deep dark tones will give a luxurious feel. There are also so many amazing wallpapers around at the moment which can give extra texture to a wall. Make sure it’s not something that you will get bored with and use colours that you love – not just colours that you think other people will admire. After all you are the person that will be using it the most.

5. Turn up the heat!

I would definitely have a wood burning stove in my dream home office. I absolutely adore the cosiness and heat from a natural flame. I would also choose some traditional style radiators in a dark colour. I have a tendency to get really cold when I’m sitting working.

6. Awesome artwork

I would choose some inspirational artwork to put on the walls. Perhaps some scenes that give a peaceful feel such as a favourite wood or view. Or maybe some framed pictures of an ideal holiday destination to remind me why I’m working so hard!

Hopefully you found this blog post useful? I think it is essential to have a calm and organised office space that you enjoy being in. There’s nothing worse than working in a cramped uninspiring area with distractions.  There are always options to improve it and make the most of your space, but you’ll just need to put a bit of time and effort into doing it. I promise, the time invested will pay off…

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