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Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

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To write creatively opens up a window to a world of reading and writing with an inquisitive mind. It helps your child develop their vocabulary, come to enjoy writing in their free time, and it helps them with other areas of their studies as well. To help your child with their studies, here are some top tips to help them explore writing creatively from this private school in Herts.

Explore a range of creative material

To often start a child’s journey they need to be guided through the world of being creative. They’ll be used to a large portion of this already through arts and crafts sessions, reading, watching TV or films and playing games. Ensure they are surrounded with as much creative material as they can handle to give them the best ways to settle down and plan what they’d like to write about.

Make writing feel fun

Another hurdle to tackle is the task itself – writing. For some kids it can be a lot of effort and they can find it boring. Give them a range of prompts to start them out on things that will make them feel like writing. Their favourite toys or games are a good place to start with lots of ways they can describe what these things mean to them.

Give them a reward or some form of incentive to work towards when they’re writing. They can use that as a goal they can look forward to and help motivate them. After they’ve finished some writing you can sit with them and show them that it wasn’t such a hard task after all, before handing them their reward.

Break up the writing into chunks

Writing can sound like a big ask if you’re giving them a lot to work with. Don’t go straight to the deep end when you’re convincing your child to write creatively. It’s not going to come as naturally to them as it would when you’re an adult. Breaking up these tasks into more manageable chunks will help them get to grips with what they’ve been asked to do.

Continue to read

Reading is going to be your most beneficial resource, of course. Show them just how the many fictional worlds your child loves can be brought to life from the touch of a pen. Your child can learn to get immersed in these unique and colourful stories that explore a range of complex and topical issues. They all help your child learn to love writing, and it can show your child just how wonderful creative writing can be.

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