Even though I’m a regular Valorant player, the game’s got a lot of bugs. I often see this connection error while playing Valorant: Valorant Connection Error: “Valorant has encountered a connection error. Please relaunch the client to reconnect”. It’s usually one of these error codes:

Error Code: 68

Error Code: 29

Error Code: 46 (this means the Valorant server is down for maintenance or update)

Valorant Connection Error

How to Fix Valorant Connection Error: “Valorant has encountered a connection error”

Step 1: Add Valorant to Windows Firewall. To do so, press your Windows key to load your start menu and type in “Firewall” and click on “Firewall & network protection”.

Step 2: Then click on “Allow an app through firewall” and click on “Change settings”. You must have administrator privileges to do this. Then select “Allow another app”.

Step 3: Now click on “Browse” and go to your Valorant installation folder. Select these two .exe files: 1. Riot Games >> Valorant >> live >> Valorant.exe and 2. Riot Games >> Valorant >> live >> ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe.

Step 3. Now select both “Private” and “Public” for those 2 .exe files.

Step 4: Use Google DNS or Open DNS instead of your ISP’s default DNS. To do this, righ click on the WiFi icon from your taskbar and click on “Open Network and Internet settings”.

Step 5: Click on “Change adapter settings”. Then right click on the network you are using and select “Properties”.

Step 6: Double click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and select the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option in the second box.

Step 7: You could use these recommended DNS IPs:

Google DNS




Step 8: That’s it. Click on “Ok” and save.

Did this fix your issue? If not, there might be a problem with your ISP or perhaps the Valorant network is down. You could also try to use a VPN to try to fix this issue.