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Free Baby Items and How to Get Them

It is a very joyous and exciting time to welcome a new baby to the world for all parents who are expecting, but it also can seem very overwhelming trying to adapt your finances to your new family situation. 

In this guide, we will be showing you how you can capitalize on all of the free baby items that are available so that you won’t have to worry as much and you can enjoy spending more quality time with your beautiful new baby.

Free baby products – why do companies and brands give free baby stuff away?

Companies want your baby and you to try their products out for free and provide you with support during those important early months in order to introduce you to their products and brand. Their goal is, of course, to turn you into a loyal customer of theirs. 

There is so much competition these days and new baby brands are launching on a daily basis and giving baby freebies away to draw attention to their companies in hopes that you will select them instead of their competitors when you are ready to buy your next pack of diapers or jars of baby food. 

Where can I find free baby items?

Most supermarkets and baby brands have Baby Clubs of their own that offer websites and freebies that provide support.  There are also many independent websites like Mumsnet and Emma’s Diary where there are lots of free giveaways, coupons and more that are featured on these sites.   

A majority of these websites will require that you register an account with them in order to reap the rewards or benefits, but that is fine since sign up is 100% free.  Many will send a starter pack to you with free baby things to help you in your new found role as a mother. 

Each website will work somewhat differently, for example, the Mumsnet site is actually a forum, so the best thing to do is follow threads where mothers are posting about the baby freebies they have found and search for testing opportunities and competitions

Mumsnet usually hosts them, but other parents also post about competitions that are on other websites. 

Your Baby Club along with many other baby sites find all of the best baby deals for you and then post them all in one place.

It is definitely worthwhile signing up to all of the sites on our list below since there is an abundance of free baby items that can be claimed from various websites.

How to get free baby items, vouchers, coupons, and samples. 

As previously mentioned, there are tons of places offering baby freebies, expert advice, and competitions.  The following is a list of the most popular baby clubs along with what you receive from each: 

Amazon Prime – Those Prime members who currently have or create their Amazon Baby WishList are able to claim a free Baby Box (minimum purchase of eligible baby products is required).

Aptaclub – This helpful clubs offers personalized emails, 24/7 support, and free checklists and how-to guides.

Babies R Us Mother and Baby Club – exclusive discounts, personal shopping services, and free money-off vouchers

Beaming Baby – free baby bath sachets, organic baby wipes, and eco diapers, along with advice on disposable vs washable diapers 

Boots Parenting Club – upon joining free gifts for your little one and you, personalized offers, free magazine, 10 points with Advantage Card spends.

Bounty – free Newborn pack or Mother-to-be pack, free samples and try-before-you-buy products, money-off vouchers, extra sensitive wipes, newborn diaper 24-pack, and much more. 

Cow & Gate Baby Club – free pregnancy diary and adorable cuddly cow toy access to the Friend Frind Tool, and weekly emails full of personal advice 

Emma’s Diary – free Bonusprint photobook voucher, free Johnson’s Pampers and Baby Newborn Essential Pack, money-off Argos vouchers and much more. 

Heinz Baby Club – product trials and exclusive competitions, free money-off coupons, recipes and nutritional guides 

HiPP Baby Club – personalized baby calendar, free Snapfish photo prints, exclusive competitions and offers, exclusive Facebook page for chatting with other mothers 

Johnson & Johnson Caring every day – Free offers and printable coupons when you sign up an account 

My Mothercare – 20% off of maternity clothing, free vouchers, medical advice and exclusive member-only sales 

Nestlé Start Well Stay Well – this baby club tracks the growth and development of your baby, get free Nestle CERELAC baby goods and free nutritional advice 

SMA Baby Club – development emails at all stages, free welcome packs and free treats for celebrating the milestones of your baby  

Tesco Baby & Toddler Club – free giveaways and competitions, expert baby advice, tailored offers, free life insurance from Tesco Bank for Parent Life Cover

Hot Free Stuff – This is by far the best freebie site in the UK, Hot Free Stuff is updated daily with free baby stuff and coupons. 

So what you are waiting around for?  Get signed up so you can begin to claim your freebies today! 

Free baby furniture 

Find sites like Freecycle and Gumtree to join, along with Facebook local selling groups.  Watch for listings on free furniture and many other useful items for your baby. 

You definitely will want to check this out if you are on a tight much – it can save you a lot of money! 

Some people desperately want to get rid of baby items after their child outgrows them, to the point that they will give it all away for free.  

Sign up those sites day and be sure to turn on your email alert to make sure you see things early and grab the best of the baby freebies.

Remember you will need to go pick these up yourself so be sure you have the right transportation and measure first to make sure that larger pieces of furniture will fit in your baby’s room. 

Free dental care and prescriptions for new mothers 

If you had your baby within the past twelve months or you are pregnant, you don’t have to pay for NHS dental treatment or prescriptions.  It’s completely free! 

You just need to ask for an FW8 application from your midwife, and they will also have to sign it.

You will receive your maternity exemption certificate.  It covers you up to 12 months following your due date.   

You can apply for an extension if your baby is born past the due date n order to get coverage for all 12 months, which is great news for new mothers. 

Free parent testing sites

Do you like expressing your opinion?  If so, you can join testing panels.  You can exchange your review for emerging and popular baby products.  It only takes a few minutes to apply and sign up for baby-related campaigns.

The following are some of my favorites websites to help you get started:

  • Come Round 
  • Trybe
  • Bzzagent
  • Toluna 
  • The Insiders 

Sign up to find out what freebies you can receive.

Let us know if you have any other baby tips!

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