Heating this Winter

How to Save Money on Your Heating this Winter

The temperature has drastically dropped in the UK in recent weeks, and many bill payers are wondering what they can do about their rising heating costs. There are some simple solutions, like bundling up under jumpers and blankets so that you don’t have to have the heating turned up so high, but you’ll be pleased to know that there are actually several other ways you can save money on your utility bills by reducing your energy consumption. Read on for some advice.

Draft Proof Your House 

Drafts can make your home feel chilly, which encourages you to increase the thermostat. With that said, draft proofing your home is one great way to reduce your heating bills this winter. Use a sealant to ensure there are no cracks around your doors and windows and perhaps consider covering your keyholes and letterbox. Drafts can also be felt through floorboards sometimes, so you may want to consider installing carpet in the rooms where this is happening.

Install Smart Home Technology 

Of course, it will be fairly expensive for you to install smart home technology initially but doing so will allow you to save money in the long run. This is because you will have greater control over your heating. For instance, you will be able to switch it on and off in different rooms so that you are not heating a whole house unnecessarily. You will also be able to control the heating when you’re not even at home.

Check Your Insulation

Make sure your loft is adequately insulated as a lot of heat escapes through the loft. Insulation is also a great way to keep the heat out during summer, so it essentially helps you regulate the temperature. It’s also simple to install and fairly cheap to buy.

Consider Underfloor Heating

 Again, installing something new will cost you money initially, but underfloor heating is a great way to save money on your heating bills. This is because the mats under your flooring are better at distributing the heat evenly throughout a room than a traditional radiator. Heat from a radiator is often lost through the wall on which it is mounted, so considering underfloor heating might be a good idea for you.

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