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Helping Your Child Prepare for Exams

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Exams are a tough time for a lot of students but they are a necessary part of life. Your child will first come into contact with exams from the tail end of their studies in year 6, or the end of prep school. They will of course have experience in a range of smaller tests and mock exams, but the most important jump will come when your child reaches their GCSEs. These exams are compulsory for all students and they will need to come prepared.

To help support your child in their exams, here are some top tips from one of the best sixth forms in North London.

Give your child the space

Children handle a lot of stress in their time, and exams are no exception. What will be different from each child is how they handle this stress and what you can do to support them. For a lot of teenagers they prefer the space to work on their own terms. While it can be tempting to intervene, listen to your child’s feelings and pay attention to how they’re coping.

Prepare a quiet space for them to study

Revising and focusing on homework is going to be paramount for your child’s exams, so try your best to provide your child with the space to work comfortably on their own. A quiet room they don’t use works, or you can cordon off some space in a particular room for them to work peacefully while you give them the space to work.

Give your child the reassurance

Nothing helps more than a child that knows they can turn to their parents for support. Give them that indication early on in their lives, so that they know when they feel it’s too much they can go to you for help. Aim to be open and respectful as they talk through any issues they have, especially when it comes to their exams. And ask them if there’s anything you can help with – you’d be surprised what they could ask for your help in.

Set up a timetable

There could well be a range of exams coming up in the near future for your child, and they’ll need to be prepared for all of them. With that in mind, set up a clear timetable to give your child direction in how they’ll get through their revision and so that it’s fresh in their mind ready for their upcoming exams.

These tips should help them prepare for exams.

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