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5 Things To Do On Holiday In Majorca

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When going on holiday in Spain, it can be tough to always know the right destinations to go to and the right things to do. Majorca is a very popular destination and we have shared some of the best things to do whilst on holiday there. Sometimes we want to do something everyone does, other times we like to find something a little unique.

If you have heard of Mallorca, that is exactly the same place – you often find that people write it either way! Mallorca is the correct way to say it in Spanish, Majorca is how we say it in English.

It is the largest island in the Balearic Islands which are part of Spain and it is actually the seventh largest island in the Mediterranean sea!

There are plenty of different places on the island of Majorca that you can visit including Palma, Alcudia and Sóller. But do you know where is best to visit if you are a tourist on the island for the first time? Here’s some of our top picks.

Visit The Cathedral

The cathedral is one of the most visited attractions in Majorca and it is easy to see why. The architecture of the cathedral is absolutely stunning with some beautiful stained glass windows and stunning ceilings. You do have to pay to enter so bear this in mind when considering visiting.

If beautiful gothic architecture and buildings steeped in history are your thing, then this is definitely a must visit.

Check Out The Caves

Whether you are holidaying as a family, a couple or doing solo travel, you definitely need to check out the caves at Cuevas del Drach. One of the world’s largest subterranean lakes is here and there are some wonderful stalactite and stalagmite formations that you definitely need to see. Nature is absolutely incredible and it can be seen here.

Head To The Beach

There are plenty of wonderful beaches that you can check out in Majorca. Some are better suited to families, others are great for those who prefer to be alone. Cala Mesquida beach and Sa Calobra beach are just two that you should consider checking out. But make sure you do your own research to find the beach on the island that is best suited to your needs – the last thing you want is a really busy beach if you want some peace and quiet!

Whilst heading to the beach, why not think about getting out on the water? There are plenty of boat cruises that you can take advantage of or you could even try some watersports.

Consider visiting nearby Menorca too. We have rented a villa on two occasions in the gorgeous Binibeca. The Binibeca Menorca beach is just stunning and really family friendly. It is similar to a small bay and there is shallow water for miles.

Visit Sóller In The Mountains

Did you know that Sóller is up in the mountains? If you love hiking and mountains don’t phase you, then definitely check it out. It is a really beautiful location and it is easy to see why people love visiting here when holidaying on the island.

Do Something With The Kids

If you are travelling with children, the island offers a variety of great attractions for them. The Palma Aquarium is particularly popular but so are the Hidropark in Alcudia, Marineland and even the Western Water Park.

It can get a little boring for children to visit lots of historical and cultural attractions so it is important to make some time to take them somewhere that they will have fun too. Majorca is a family friendly destination and there is plenty for families to see and do when on the island.

These are just five things that you should consider doing or visiting when on the island of Majorca. Have you ever been before? Do you have any places you’d suggest that we haven’t mentioned above?

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