Important Packing Tips

Important packing tips to read before you go travelling

Planning on going travelling? Whether it is for a short holiday or a longer break, read these important packing tips first!

Going travelling is such an impactful way of freeing yourself from the stress brought by modern living. However, for a lot of people, going away is not as hassle-free as they would like because they have to go through one thing. Packing!

Many people find it tricky to pack for travelling because they spend so much time thinking what they think they should bring, only to find out that these exact items might not be used during the trip at all!

To make packing for your trip easier, first what you need to do is gather all the things you ‘think’ you need to take, and then start dividing them into a ‘definitely need’ and ‘not quite sure’ pile. By doing this, you can have your elimination process easier and more efficient.

What to pack?

– Pieces of clothing. This is considered as the most crucial part of packing and it is why many people sometimes have a hard time doing it. When packing clothes for your break, always bear in mind that you need to bring only those that you can use. Ask yourself if each item is essential?

Consider the destination and the climate of the place in order to determine what are the clothes that you need during you stay. If you are going to somewhere hot, like Turkey, Greece or Spain for example, a place that includes visit to beaches and other nature trips, bring clothes that are light and made of cotton because the weather can be hot and humid. If you are going to a vacation destination that has a cold weather, make sure that you bring jacket or other pieces of clothing that can protect your body.

In choosing what clothes to bring, always come up with one specific colour theme so you won’t need to bring lots of items just to match your clothes. Also, choose clothes that have fabrics that don’t easily get crumpled or wrinkled.

When it comes to footwear, it is advisable to bring just two pairs. One pair of closed shoes and a pair of flip flops. If you are going to a vacation cruise, always bring pieces of clothing for formal and casual occasions too.

– Travel equipment. Think about how you are going to get around your chose destination? Could a Commuter Scooter be a good option? This could be a great way of getting around and eco friendly too. Always think about the size as you will want to have something that is easily transportable. Perhaps you a portable stool would be good to take with you, or even better, how about a hammock? It you are going somewhere warm, this is the perfect solution for being able to set yourself up and relax wherever you want. It would take up much space in your bag either. Win win!

– Sports equipment. Are you planning to play some sports while you’re away? Make sure you pack a set of sporting clothes and if you would prefer not to borrow the equipment while there, make sure you pack your tennis bags or other equipment of your choice and you’ll be set!

– An alarm. This is very important, especially if you are heading for a destination that has a time difference. It is also best to bring a travel alarm so you won’t have to miss out on something just because you are run late. You could of course bring a gadget that can double as an alarm clock such as your cell phone or tablet. Though in some cases, it might actually be better to have a manual alarm as backup too.

– Medication. This is such an important thing to get right. If you are using prescription medicines, make sure that you bring enough to ensure your wellbeing during the trip. If you are travelling abroad, a copy of the prescription can be required to ensure that you are permitted to have this medication. Always bring a first aid kit too and headache tablets!

– Toiletries. Shampoos, lotions, liquid soaps, and other toiletries are usually available at the hotel but if you prefer your own brand, make sure that you place them in small bottles and keep them into a minimum. Always put toiletries in zip locks so they won’t affect other items in case they leak due to air pressure.

– Cash and credit cards. If you prefer to bring cash, keep this to a minimum if possible. During your holiday, it is always best to bring international credit cards, especially if you are going somewhere a bit more remote, like Belize or the Middle East. Also try to have two different cards so that if you loose one, you can then use the other. If possible, keep them in two separate places – for example, one in your wallet and one in your backpack. That way, if your wallet gets misplaced, then you still have the use of a card.

Enjoy your travels, stay safe and let us know in the comments below if you have any important packing tips too?

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