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5 reasons to consider an internship in London

I am not sure there’s another place in the world quite like London. It’s so full of history, just step off any main road and you’ll find yourself in a cobbled street or a perfect park. The nightlife is bustling with traditional pubs, trendy bars, Michelin starred restaurants, theatres and tourist attractions. I have so many fond memories of my 10 years working in London.

It really was a whole lot of fun – made even more so by the friends I made. If you’re considering undertaking one of the Business Internships London which you may well have heard about, here are our top five reasons to say yes!

1. Career advancement

This is a perfect opportunity to gain some work experience in a field of interest, allowing you to gain relevant skills and knowledge. Many interns are recruited to a permanent role if they feel the graduate is suitable. In some cases, it could even transpire that a certain career isn’t actually the one for you. Regardless of whether you do end up being recruited to a permanent role, an internship will no doubt look great on your CV and show that you are keen and willing to learn.

2. Get to know people

Becoming an intern or enrolling on one of the amazing apprenticeship courses on offer, is a great way to learn a trade and enhance your skills as well as getting to know a whole bunch of new people too. If there are a number of you starting, you are all in the same position and will find that you hang out together both in and out of work.

3. Social life

No matter how you want to spend your free time you’ll be able to do it in London. I spent a lot of my time there meeting friends in bars, eating out and making the most of cheap tickets to the theatre. Try and vary the places you go as there are so many fun and quirky places to visit. Whether you fancy a drink on a boat moored on the Thames or at a trendy roof top bar you can find it here. You’ll look back on these days with fond memories.

4. Commuting

It’s super easy to move around London. Rail links to the City are great, the Underground is not always a lovely experience but it’s efficient at getting you where you need to go. Buses are everywhere and so are black cabs. If you’d rather get around on foot it’s a lovely place to walk around too. Once you get your head around it you’ll be happily taking short cuts through the city’s parks and feeling the buzz from the hustle and bustle.

5. Food

You’ll find a restaurant or take-out to suit every budget in London. Whatever your tastebuds are craving you can find something to satisfy. There are also all sorts of different cuisines to try from all across the world and whether you are meeting up with friends for a party or having a quiet meal with a friend, you’ll be bowled over by the choices on offer.

I hope you found this blog post useful? Internships can be so valuable, both in terms of the experience you gain on the job as well as the life experience you’ll no doubt come across during your time as an intern. It is often possible to build strong connections too, which can often lead to a permanent job. London is the perfect place to do it, combining all of the benefits we have mentioned above.

Have you done an internship previously? Have you got any tips to share too? Please do let us know if you think there is anything else we should add to this post!

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