hild to learn an instrument

Should I encourage my child to learn an instrument?

Music is well known for being food for the soul. It heals and speaks to a person in ways other methods cannot. Introducing the extracurricular of your child learning an instrument, can be beneficial to them in more ways than one. It is well known for enhancing confidence, teaching them perseverance, improving patience and overall academic performance. However, the simple act of listening to music and being in its presence is not effective enough. Through avid engagement with music and the instruments used to create it, they will truly be able to experience the joys it has to offer. Here is some advice from this boy’s pre prep school in London on if you should encourage your child to learn an instrument. 

Cures boredom

Nowadays, the go to when a child is bored is social media, video platforms and online games. Whilst there can be some benefits that come from the things they watch and play, there aren’t any that can be shown long term. It is important children use up their developing years to take part in activities that actively use their brain and keep them productive. Learning an instrument and playing around with music is one of the best extracurriculars to introduce to a child of any age. The feeling of creating music and practicing something new can be addictive, with this being the perfect way to ensure your little one spends their time doing something that will benefit them in the long run. 


One of the most important aspects of learning a new instrument is having self-discipline. Not only does this task require a hefty amount of time and effort taken out of your daily life, but it also requires individuals to have perseverance to perfect this new skill, as it could take them months or even years to do so. For many children, discipline is an important trait that needs to be implemented when they are young as it will be necessary during school years and later on in their work life. 


Playing a musical instrument is also a direct method to relaxing and calming nerves. Given that music can be played in any melody or tone, your child can take the time to wind down and play something new to help them manage their emotions and stress levels.

It’s quite clear that introducing a musical instrument into your child’s life will come along with many benefits to their development. Not only will it help them with academic progress but can bring a whole lot of happiness and fulfilment to their life, which makes it the perfect activity to introduce them to.  

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