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Five ways to add a little luxury to your living room this Autumn

As the seasons start to change it is always a great time to start looking at your living space and updating it in anticipation of the weather the next season brings. As the summer starts to wane and the nights start to get cooler we start to crave a certain cosiness in our homes. Here are some of our favourite ways to add a little luxury to your living room this Autumn:

1. Upgrade your throws and blankets

Now is the time to ramp up the cosiness with faux fur throws and blankets. Say goodbye to the cotton blankets from the summer and pack them away for next year. Immediately your room starts to look more luxurious. You can try spraying the blankets with a luxury scent too – this can make such a difference and you can even change it up each day, depending on your mood.

2. Add some Artwork

I could spend hours looking at and choosing different things to adorn the walls with. Adding some art prints to your walls instantly updates the look and feel of a room. Look at pictures that evoke a feeling of warmth and interest. Strong warm colours are perfect for that Autumn look. If you would like to involve the other family members in your house, this can be a lovely way of bonding too and making your house and home.

3. Some super statement lighting

Lighting is a wonderful way to add a touch of luxury to your living room. Nobody wants the harsh glare of the central pendant. Take a look at a modern take on standard lights, many of which are perfect for adding light over a sofa or chair, perfect for reading or creating a glow in one part of the room. Test out the lighting to see what works best for your room and you can always swap things around if you fancy a change too.

4. Candles

Luxurious candles are perfect as the nights start to draw in and are a great way of putting a personal touch to your home decor. Group a collection of tall and short candles together. Add in some divine scents and you will instantly add another dimension to your room. My absolute favourite candle for winter smells of Christmas; that evocative smell of spicy cinnamon, warming clove and zesty orange. It’s a little early for that one but with a bit of research I am sure you will be able to find a scent to bring that extra luxury to your home.

5. Add some texture

This is the time of year when I start to add more texture to the textiles in the living room. The rugs come out of storage to add extra colour and warmth to the floors. The cushions are changed to soft velvet in deep rich colours and I include piles of magazines and books on the coffee table just right for curling up with and reading into the evening. Comfort and cosiness is key.

So what do you think? Do you have any tips for adding a little luxury into your living room? I would love to know via the comments below…

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