Monetising Your Website

A Blogger’s Guide to Monetising Your Website

If becoming a full-time blogger is something you dream about, it would be wise to educate yourself on all of the ways you can monetise your blog and therefore increase your income. First of all, you should stay up to date with digital marketing news so that you can understand any new Google updates that might affect how your website is performing. Read on for some additional advice on how to monetise your blogs…

Include Affiliate Links 

Affiliate links are essentially hyperlinks to products or services that you can include in your blog posts and when your readers click on those links and proceed to make a purchase, you will receive a small commission payment from the company. There are lots of affiliate programs that you can sign up to so do some research and get yourself started. Amazon Associates is one example!

Become an Influencer

As you become increasingly more popular online, you could consider becoming an influencer. An influencer is someone who works with brands to promote their products and/or business. Affiliate linking is part of this, but you could take it further and advertise a company’s products or services through photos and reviews.

Incorporate Display Ads

Do some research into platforms such as Google AdSense and BuySellAds as these can allow you to incorporate ads onto your website. These are great because you can ensure they are tailored to suit your target audience and you will earn a payment every time somebody clicks on the ads.

Sponsored Posts 

Lots of companies are looking for ways to build up their own backlink profiles to improve their SEO performance, and therefore pay bloggers to host pre-written content containing a link. These types of posts are called “Sponsored Posts”.

Of course, before you can start charging for services and making money through ads and affiliate links, you will need to ensure your website is actually gaining enough traction. Try and find time to learn about Search Engine Optimisation so that you are in a better position to attract more engaged readers to your blog.

You should also try and focus on social media to put yourself out there and interact with people. There are tools you can use to schedule your social media posts in advance to ensure that you are regularly posting, as lots of brands will consider how many followers and likes you have before deciding to work with you.

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