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3 ways to be more eco-friendly this year

Limiting our impact on the Planet is a huge priority for all of us across the world. Sometimes it might feel a little overwhelming but every single one of us can make a difference. The financial cost of making eco-friendly changes isn’t necessarily prohibitive. Whilst you might not have the budget to buy an electric car there are plenty of smaller things you can do which make a big difference overall.

1. Make changes to the way you shop

By making changes to the way you shop you will make a huge difference. If you shop small you help local businesses stay afloat, which in turn keeps the high street vibrant, which reduces the need to travel further to get your shopping and reduces the environmental impact of food and goods being transported from further afield. When we shop at Farm Shops we are reducing the amount of plastics used and eating more in keeping with the seasons.

2. Reduce single-use plastic

It’s easy to switch from single use plastic as there are so many other options now. Try using beeswax wraps to keep food fresh. There are so many designs, that you’ll easily find some that all of the family will be happy to use. Keep a reusable bag in your pocket ready for when you buy something unexpected, that way you won’t need to pay for a plastic bag.

If you have a business need which means you need to use packaging why not consider bespoke packaging specifically designed for you. Lil Packaging is an incredible business boasting their status as the first Carbon Neutral packaging manufacturer and supplier.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

By adopting the reduce, reuse, recycle approach we can make a big difference to the amount of items finding their way to landfill each year. There are often people who are less well-off and who will appreciate things you no longer want, don’t bin those items, sell them or donate them to a charity shop. From August – November I try to be as efficient as possible and keep a box in the loft of any items we no longer need such as children’s toys, bedding or clothing. Then as the end of November approaches I take the box to the charity shop. It‘s selfish in a way because I feel so good knowing that someone somewhere will be able to gift their children our good condition unwanted items at Christmas for far less than the retail price.

Aiming to be more eco friendly through all of the different aspects of our lives is essential. I’m amazed at how much my children have learned about it in school and really want to emulate it at home too. If you have any tips which you would like to share as well, please do get in touch as anything we can do to help our delicate environment is a bonus in my eyes.

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