Is Nursery the Right Choice for My Child?

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A nursery school is the perfect environment for your child to truly develop the first skills they will come into contact with as they grow older. It’s a really crucial time for your child to be picking up on skills that will help throughout their time in school, which is a fair chunk of their childhood! 

A common question parents have is when is the best time for their child to enter nursery, and also if it is the right choice for them in the first place. Here in this guide we explore this question and when best to consider nursery for your own children.

Your child’s age

Your child should be competent in a number of areas before they are considered into a nursery school environment. Most children need to be aged 2 or above to join a nursery, but certain nurseries will help your child from a much younger age.

Your child should be able to work independently as best as they can, and they’re effortlessly curious too. It’s the perfect time for your child to work on their socialising skills for the first time and be able to mingle with the other kids in their group.


Are the nurseries in your area up to a high standard?

There are a number of factors to consider before even reaching a decision to begin with. Firstly there’s the number of nurseries in your area. Are they oversubscribed or known to have a poor reputation? These things can change a parents’ mind very easily; they only want the best for their child.

Another area to consider is the curriculum your child would be taught. In a well-established nursery a wide-ranging curriculum will be the main reason for their success. You can find some nurseries that follow specific learning methods, such as the Montessori curriculum.

Finally, you want good facilities for your child to go into. Staff should look excited to see you and the children in the nursery itself should be keen to explore, with classrooms not looking too full either. Take these into account when finding a good nursery.

Your child’s development

A nursery is going to give your child a myriad of benefits, and it will help them grow and transition easily into primary school. Consider how your child will grow when put into a nursery school and what will help them develop their skills that will take them beyond their nursery years.

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