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4 Best Retro Kitchen Appliance Additions for a Modern Kitchen Design

While modern kitchen elements and designs are all the rage, there’s something about period and retro kitchen appliances that’ll always remain unique and distinctive.

We can all agree that a modern kitchen design should consist of variation, innovation and creativity – what if we tell you you can tick all of these boxes with the addition of some modern yet retro kitchen elements?

You might have to be extremely thorough for this one as creating a modern kitchen with retro and vintage elements that do not compromise on the functionality and practicality of your kitchen space is no mean feat.

One thing that can help make this whole process a breeze for you is the expertise and knowledge of professionals kitchen designers and installers.

To get you started, we’ve listed a few suggestions that we feel are a sight to look at while also being functional.

So, brace yourself for an upcoming shopping trip and read along to add some of the best retro kitchen appliances to your modern kitchen design.

Let’s get started!

1. Smeg Fridge 

It is kind of obvious that this item is topping our list, isn’t it? Haven’t we all, at some point, dreamt of having this vintage piece in our kitchen?

An absolute show stopper, the refrigerator range from Smeg is every vintage design lovers’ dream kitchen appliance. It has attractive colours and we personally recommend red, as it acts as a stand-alone piece, becoming the centre of attraction of the overall kitchen design. This appliance is a walk down the memory lane, personified – nothing calls back the 1950s like a Smeg fridge in the signature retro design.

2. Smeg Kettle 

Smeg is the king of nostalgic, retro kitchen appliances. It has a kettle that makes your coffee making process look ultra cool. With superior quality appearance and aesthetics, in no way does it compromise with the product’s functionality.

Allowing you to brew a cup of absolute perfection, this kettle has a variable temperature range with typically 7 options to choose from. This feature enables you to have your cuppa at the ideal or preferable temperature.

The kettle bottle from Smeg generally comes in stainless steel, along with chrome detailing, available in all the dreamy colours.

When it comes to functioning, it is electricity-based and comes with a three year guarantee included. We say it’s a win win!

3. Swan Dishwasher 

A dishwasher that reminds you of the glorious past and vintage ways of working your way around a kitchen, we say you should definitely give this dishwasher by Swan a chance to add a beautiful period element to your overall kitchen design.

Maintaining the dreamy colour obsession of the past, it is available in blue, green and pink. A perfect centre piece for your kitchen, the Swan dishwasher typically has 12 place settings with six programs, including the modern day delay timer and a quick wash setting.

If this wasn’t convincing enough, we would like to add that this retro kitchen appliance has an A+ rating in energy, so all the more reasons to go for the purchase!

4. AGA Ovens 

What better way to celebrate occasions like Christmas than to cook conventional meals in a traditional oven?

The AGA ovens are ideal for big parties and other occasions where you plan to host a several guests. It can easily become the centrepiece of your home, while it discards the very need for painful prepping and preheating of the oven.

This traditional style oven, has several colour options for you to choose from. Made with a cast iron body, the AGA ovens give you the choice between electric, gas or oil versions.

To top that, the entire appliance is fitted with two separate ovens – one for roasting and other for simmering with boiling and simmering plates on top.

The catch here is that these oven lock in the moisture and flavour during the cooking process, making its counterparts look bleak and tasteless in comparison!

The Bottom Line…

A modern day kitchen design needs freshness and adding retro kitchen appliances can help you keep your design unique and one of a kind.

With retro elements, you can introduce a new take on traditional kitchen designs with the add-on benefit of impressing your guests when they visit.

Another reason why adding retro appliances to your kitchen design is a good idea is because it creates a good balance between the past and present, giving you a distinctive and exclusive design like no other.

While this can help you elevate your cooking station, we suggest you always contact custom kitchen fitters for bigger projects, best results and suggestions!

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