Movie streaming is very much in demand currently, and seems to be on the rise all across the world. This service has become so popular as a result of the considerable number of advantages it has over more traditional settings like cinemas. The more popular the service becomes, the more it expands and moves into more platforms, with streaming services available on computers, mobile devices and smart Televisions. One of the most frequently used platforms is the smartphone, with the Android operating system.

ShowBox app is one of the most widely used free streaming service platforms, on android device with the key advantage being the fact that using this app is free. There are a lot of content available on the Showbox APK file that feature both recent releases and older titles, this app provides you with enough movies to fill your days with awe. Despite all the advantages that the Showbox app provides, sometimes, you can encounter connection error and other problems when using the apk file. Instead of searching movie streaming sites it’s easier to use the Showbox app to save time. Showbox app may be unresponsive or the content may not load, which can be frustrating to the user. In an attempt to ensure your fun isn’t ruined by an app glitch, here are some other Showbox alternatives, which are just as effective:

  • HULU: So this particular entry is not actually a free streaming service, but there are free trials and other special packages afforded to new and existing subscribers. You can enjoy thousands of exclusive movies and TV shows to be streamed at your personal convenience, and it’s one of the best Showbox alternatives. This service has the added advantage of having original content that you may not find anywhere else and all these content are available to its users for a small monthly fee, which you can choose to terminate whenever you feel like it.

  • POPCORN TIME: This option is totally free and has an added benefit of being available on platforms other than the Android device. The app has a simple interface that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it easy to use. With thousands of movies and TV shows available, all in high quality, popcorn time grant you control over your entertainment preferences and all that is required to get the best out of this app is a solid internet connection to guarantee a pleasurable experience and you won’t have to face the trouble to troubleshoot wifi connection.

  • VUDU: Another free app on this list, but this option comes with a flaw, which is closely associated with free streaming app, it is supported by ads, and as such your viewing experience may be interrupted by ads. Nevertheless, there are tons of great content available on this app, ranging from some of the most recent releases, to timeless classics that may be difficult to find across the web. You can also get rid of the ads, and increase you viewer experience by paying a small fee, which would upgrade you to a pro account, which also comes with an entirely new set of benefits.

  • PLAYBOX HD: Many users prefer PlayBox to other streaming services, and maybe this is because there are very few issues or problems associated with using the app, and all the awesome advantages and features that come with it. One of the most obvious advantages of the app is that it lets you download movies and TV shows to be watched offline, at a later time, even when there is no internet connection available. There is a seemingly endless library of movies and TV shows to choose from and they are arranged into several categories, enabling you to easily find the movies you like.

  • MEGABOX HD: Another free app entry on this list. It may not be as popular as some of the other entries on the list, but it is certainly worth its place on the list. With so much great content available on the app, you are bound to have a great time and probably recommend this app to a friend. The only real downside to this particular app is that you may not be able to download it from your regular app store. However, you can find, download and install it through easy processes that can be found via google.

  • 123MOVIES: This is probably one of the most popular entries on this list and will probably not be new to those who usually stream movies via web on PC. With great content that includes latest Movies and TV shows, this app provides the opportunity to keep up with all you favorite films, at your convenience, without having to worry about timely viewings. You select and watch any content at your comfort for free, and you don’t even have to sign up or create a free account, but doing so has its own advantages.

  • MOBDRO: This app saves you the hassle of having to locate exactly what movie or TV show to watch, as the content are sorted and arranged into channels much like your regular television arrangement. All these channels are available for free, but there is also a premium account that comes with several added benefits. You can also download live content to be watched at a later time, freeing you to carry out regularly scheduled tasks, without worrying about missing out on your favorite TV shows and movies. The app is also available on other platforms like the iOS, mac and PC, so you can enjoy this experience on other android devices as well.

  • COTO MOVIES: Another app that you may not find on your local app store. This app features some of the best and latest content in movies and TV shows, and it is supported on other platforms other than Android OS, including iOS and Firestick. The content on this app are updated regularly to ensure you don’t lose touch with all that is going on in your favorite TV shows and movies. If you are interested in this app, you can go to the download page to download and install the app. There are also step by step instructions available on the page to help you install the app with ease, and get the best viewing experience possible.