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3 ways to turn an average outfit into something glam!

I’m a sucker for wearing black. I’m not sure really why but I just find it so easy to dress up and dress down. I do love to add pops of colour too though and accessories are my absolute favourite. I feel like when I am wearing head to toe black, it can be a fairly average outfit but I have lots of inventive ways of turning it into something glam which I hope you’ll find useful too….

Hats off to you

I have quite fine hair and to be honest, my head gets so so cold in winter, so wearing a hat comes naturally to me. In fact once I put one on, I find it pretty hard to take it off as I get such a warm and cosy head. I tend to go for really bright colours to complement my outfit and always get such lovely comments from the other parents on the school run. My bright yellow wooly hat is my favourite.

In Summer, caps are great, and I have a few bejewelled ones which I love and go really nicely with a plain outfit. I also fine them really handy for protecting my hair from the sun so it is a bit of a win win!

Bling it up!

Blinging up an outfit using something from my vast selection of jewellery is a must. I do love a pair of earrings and at one point I actually had 5 piercings in each ear so had the biggest collection you can imagine. These days, I tend to just stick to one or two pairs at a time.

I prefer them not to be too dangly but anything with a bit of twinkly jewels in it gets my approval. I do love a necklace to two as well. I tend to layer them and am such a fan of lockets. I have several with pics of my family in them and just love them.

Don’t forget your bracelets too. I usually go for the whole shebang – necklaces, earrings and bracelets. If your outfit is fairly plain then blinging it up with your jewellery makes absolute sense. Consider getting some bespoke jewellery made too. If you know someone with a jewellers rolling mill and daylight company lamps and some creative ideas, then have a chat with them to see what they may be able to do for you.

Bagsy it’s mine!

I honestly couldn’t tell you how many bags I have, but I know it is a lot! These days, I tend to alternate between three different ones. I have a daytime rucksack for when I am out with the kids. It is big and blingy and colourful and oh so comfy!

I then have a daytime cross-body handbag which I use when I am out shopping without the kids or meeting up with friends for a coffee during the day. I then have a sparkly evening clutch which is lightweight, can’t fit much but is oh so pretty. All of them bring me joy and I feel like all of them really add to my outfit. Top tip – try to choose a cross-body bag that has interchangeable straps so that you can wear it with a bigger selection of outfits. Or just stick to a block colour…

I hope you found this blog post for ways to jazz up an average outfit useful? If you have any comments or ideas that you think we should add too, please do get in touch. Stay happy!

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