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Teaching Children Valuable Skills

Is it just me or are children not taught as many valuable skills at school nowadays? Yes, they learn algebra and stuff like that they will rarely use in day to day life but other more valuable skills have been lost over the years. When I was younger, children would try all the different technologies before choosing their favourite – it seems now some children get to do some and others get to do the opposite ones and they sometimes don’t get the opportunity to try a technology skill that may be really helpful to them.

To combat this, we try to teach our children some valuable skills at home. We use a number of resources to help us with this – advice from friends and family, YouTube videos, blogs and online games for kids.

We use money games such as Coin Saver Challenge to help them identify coins – a skill that, surprisingly, not many children have.

STEM is one of the things that they do a lot of in school but I always feel it is valuable to give them more education in these fields so we use games such as Code Panda to help harness these skills. They are much better at these types of games than I am!

Here are some other ways that we are teaching our children valuable skills:

They Help Prepare Meals

Whilst we do not encourage the younger children to do anything too dangerous in the kitchen, they do help us. We help them to fix sandwiches and how to use the microwave. As the children get older, they can help us to make meals for the whole family. Being able to cook is an incredibly valuable skill and something everyone should be able to do for when they live by themselves and have families of their own.

We Encourage Decision Making and Problem Solving

Making decisions is something that some people struggle with so I believe it to be a good life skill to learn. To help them develop this skill, we ask them basic questions whilst they are younger, making them increasingly more difficult as they get older.

We Help Them With Timekeeping

So many people cannot tell the time and it is shocking. One in six people cannot tell the time in the UK and many times it is because they just haven’t been taught! From teaching them how to tell the time to managing time, we ensure they know what time is and how it is useful. When they go out into the workplace or even when they start at secondary school, they need to be good at timekeeping.

Teaching children skills at home is so important as parents. Whilst they attend school to learn, there will always be some gaps between parenting and schooling which we need to fill. We are doing our best to teach our children these helpful skills and perhaps even learn something valuable ourselves too! Do you have any suggestions for other skills we can help teach our children to set them up for life as an adult, out in the world on their own?


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