the ultimate mancave

Tips for creating the ultimate mancave at home

Our house is female heavy and there is a distinct theme of pink running through the house. My poor husband could really do with a bolt hole where he can enjoy his own space. It’s not that he doesn’t like spending time with us, but sometimes, it can all just get a bit too much! As humans we all need our own space, right? So here are my tips on how to create the ultimate mancave and the best way to make your initial plans…

1. Where will it be?

This isn’t easy if you’re restricted on room but you could put an insulated wooden shed in the garden to use. You may also have the option of converting your garage or perhaps you have some loft space which is crying out for a refurb? Lastly, if you have a basement, this could be the ultimate mancave too or how about under the stairs? Possibly ok if you aren’t too tall, though it could be a squeeze for some!

2. What to put in your mancave

A flat screen TV is a must. You can watch action movies to your hearts content, or host drinks with your mates to watch the latest football or rugby matches in your little safety haven at home.

    • A games console is not something I want in my living room but it would be perfect for using in a mancave when nobody will be judging you on the mess, or the time spent playing.
    • A fridge is essential. You need somewhere to chill the beer, wine or tonic. Maybe a fridge with a small freezer would be good so you also have somewhere to keep ice.
    • Think about the glasses. This would be a great space to put all those beer glasses you’ve collected over the years. You could put up shelves to display them on and take your pick which you’d like to use.
    • Snacks are necessary if you’re setting up your mancave. You’ll need somewhere to store them and make sure you replenish the stock so you’ve always got something to eat on hand without making a trip to the kitchen.
    • My husband would love somewhere to be able to work out. Perhaps you could incorporate this into your mancave. If you’ve enough room for a running machine, a rowing machine and some weights I reckon you’d be pretty well sorted for a good workout. You will need to make sure the floor is strong enough to cope with all the heavy machinery.
    • While I was researching this post I found a suggestion of including a masturbator in the list of must-haves. It wouldn’t be for everyone but since it’s a private space, each to their own!

3. Decoration

A mancave is a chance for you to really express yourself. Why not use this opportunity to use some warm deep colours such as navy blue or dark green on the walls. You could frame your favourite movie posters to add your own stamp on the walls. You’ll also need to source a gaming chair, armchair or sofa.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for creating your own mancave? Or perhaps a womancave? Whatever you plan to do, just try to make a plan beforehand and have fun with it too!

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