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Top Tips for Choosing a School for Your Child

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Picking out the right school can feel like a tough task, but it’s actually a great way to get ahead of the pack and plan out your child’s future. There are a range of things to consider in the process as well, which include grades at schools, the range of support and activities, as well as teachers and classroom sizes.

This prep school in Hertfordshire has shared with us some top tips to help you find the right school for your child’s progression.

Take a look at school grades

A school is going to have a lot of impact on parents who are aware of a school’s grades and want their children to do well. If there’s a sign of struggle, children also need to know if they have access to support in their school. The more guidance, support and improved teaching methods seen in schools, the higher the potential for your child to get the grades they need for future studies.

A child’s ability to explore many areas of school life

From extracurricular activities, after school clubs and joint theatre productions, to sports groups, prefect programmes and much more. Schools aren’t just for kids to learn and head home afterwards – there’s a wealth of knowledge to explore that goes beyond the classroom. Research what’s available at your nearby schools to see if it’s worth your child’s time exploring.

Talk to other parents

Get to know the area and see where parents are taking their children. Seeing where there’s a popular school among parents can help you know what’s regarded as the best places for kids. If you have a plan in place early then it can be an easier decision for you, as a lot of parents will also be vying for places in schools that can end up being oversubscribed.

Have a second or third choice school in your head

Your top choice school may well be full by the time you want to apply, or they aren’t accepting new applications. An oversubscribed school can happen quickly if you don’t plan ahead. Prep schools for example often prioritise students that are already in pre-prep or in the nursery portions of their school. If you are considering a private school then it’s good to have a few choices in your head. It helps you prepare in case of any sudden changes in your plans, and also ensures your child is still getting a good education out of what happens.

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