TOP 5 Tips To Ensure Your Baby’s Healthy

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Many parents worry about how to ensure their baby’s healthy development or how to strengthen the baby’s immune system. The immune system begins ” working out ” as soon as the baby arrives in the world. 

Almost all bacteria from the surrounding world are “strangers” to the baby, and special immune memory cells are formed from encounters with them. They protect the infant when reencountering an infection or ease the course of the disease. Scientists believe that a baby’s immune system is ” tuned” to respond to novelties, an ability that diminishes with age.

Immunity-building factors

What can a parent do to help her/his baby develop and strengthen the immune system?

  • Breastfeed regularly, if possible on demand, because breastfeeding on a schedule can be stressful for the baby. Breast milk is what can ensure that the immune system develops fully. When breastfeeding is not possible, the right baby formula will also help your baby develop and grow harmoniously.
  • Vaccinate your child in a timely manner if there are no contraindications. Today’s world is so transparent and open that it is difficult to imagine what diseases you can encounter in the nearest store.
  • Maintain a clean and comfortable microclimate in the child’s room. According to current recommendations, the air temperature in the room should not exceed 20ºC or 68ºF. The optimal level of humidity is 50-60%. Such humidity allows the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract not to dry out and fully perform the protective function. The room should be aired regularly, 3-4 times a day, during the cold season when the child is not there.

What can parents do to help their children get involved in a healthy lifestyle?

  1. Develop healthy eating habits

Proper nutrition is the foundation for the strong immune system of any person. And eating habits depend strongly on our well-being and health. It is, therefore, vital to teach your child to eat healthy foods. 

Always eat at the same time. And be sure to have a varied diet so the child can get the necessary vitamins and minerals. 

  1. Fresh Air

“Not a day without a walk” should be your motto. No weather conditions should not prevent you from being outside. Dress for the weather and go for a walk, even in the rain, at least for half an hour. Especially in good weather, your walks should be an essential part of the day. Having at least 2 hours of fresh air a day is necessary. A walk in the park with a visit to the playground is ideal. Play with your child. Physically active children assimilate information faster and have better logical thinking.

  1. Good sleep for good health 

A child’s body needs an optimal combination of activity and rest. The smaller the child, the more time he or she needs to sleep. Do not neglect this, and give the child the opportunity to sleep, especially for kids who sleep several times a day. Always stick to a clear daily routine and bedtime rituals, so your child develops properly and stays healthy. 

  1. Variety of activities

Various educational games, interesting books, and time for creativity are excellent, but children need physical activity in order to grow up healthy. So be sure to let your child run, jump and explore freely without parental interference (within reasonable limits, of course). 

  1. Building Emotional Wellness

A child’s mental well-being is essential for the full functioning of the immune system. Stress, especially constant stress, is a powerful factor in suppressing immunity. A comfortable atmosphere in the family, a calm and positive home environment, and the care and attention of mom and dad create a sense of security in the baby and support his immune system. 

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