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Functional Kitchens – Top Tips for Updating Your Kitchen

A kitchen renovation is probably one of the most worthwhile investments that you can make with the average remodel generating a return on investment of around 50%. It’s an update that you can make at a relatively low expense too as you will be able to do much of the work yourself. A few kitchen installers in London have shared top tips that you can use when updating your kitchen.

Paint Your Cabinets

Cabinets set the stage for the rest of your kitchen but can require quite the splurge to update. If your cabinets are fine and have no cracks or chips, you can simply paint straight on to them. This will save you a lot of time and is eco-friendly too. Make sure to buy paint that is specifically designed for furniture and opt for a finish that’s satin, semi-gloss or gloss as matte paint will not last long in a kitchen.

Pay Attention to The Floor

Valuers look high and low when it comes to pricing a property and the floor is often a place that’s overlooked. Opting for a timeless and resistant choice of flooring will not only do you favours in the years to come but will also bump up your property valuation. Materials like tile, wood and slate are good options to go for.

Bring Your Countertops into the 21st Century

Countertops are things that you can’t skimp on we’re afraid. They take up much of your kitchen and make a huge impression. These need to be durable too to stand the test of time. With a rise in the look of industrial interiors, many are opting for solid structural materials like concrete and tile.


A lot goes on in the kitchen from getting breakfast down before the school run to entertaining guests. As the social centre of the house, it’s important to get it kitted out with comfortable and stylish seating. We’re talking breakfast bar stools, dining chairs and a sofa or two if you have the space. There are no rules to this so long as they coordinate with the style and theme of your kitchen.

Consider New Lighting

Good lighting will illuminate your kitchen in all the right ways and avoid it looking gloomy and drab. Spotlights are perfect for achieving the right balance of light. The fixtures themselves are an accessory too that you can have some fun with. Changing out your traditional white cord to one that is black will help to finish off your industrial kitchen feel.

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