how to revamp your bathroom

Top 5 expert ways to revamp your bathroom easily

Revamping our family bathroom is up there near the top of our to do list for our house this year. There is something so soothing about a spotless bathroom. If you’re looking for ways to revamp your own bathroom, then read on for our top tips.

1) It’s all about the finish

Getting the right trades people in will really help with getting a crisp clean finish. This is vital for getting the wow factor in your bathroom revamp. Ask your neighbours, friends and family for recommendations and if you can, try to see some of their work. Some trades people are so good that they won’t need to advertise in conventional ways as they’re able to operate purely on a word of mouth basis. It’s worth remembering that these people will be booked up well into the future because they are in demand.

2) Add some luxury

Why not add a Steam Shower Cubicle for some extra luxury to your new bathroom. Steam showers come with the addition of a steam generator to fill the cubicle with soothing steam. As well as being super relaxing, a steam shower also boasts several health benefits such as boosting your immune system and alleviating stiff joints. 

3) Love love lighting

There are any number of options for lighting in bathrooms these days. If you’re after a complete overhaul of your bathroom it would be worth speaking to a lighting consultant to come up with a design for the lighting. From installation of lights suitable for applying makeup to dimmable lights for relaxation the possibilities are endless.

4) Terrific tiling

A quick search of tiles and patterns will reveal that there is way more to tiling than meets the eye. Tiling has the ability to transform your bathroom by way of pattern, colour, design and even texture. Perhaps start by searching on Pinterest for your favourite examples and once you’ve been able to pull together your top options it’s worth bringing in the expert to assist you. If you’re going to try to do it yourself then don’t forget to ensure that you’re using the right tiles for the right purposes, slippery tiles underfoot are anything but relaxing.

5) Awesome accessories

Bathroom accessories are varied in finishes. Matt black is a very popular choice at the moment. This might be the choice for you if you live in a soft water area or have a water softener fitted. A buildup of limescale will take away from the finish, and if you’re in any doubt I would opt for a chrome finish instead. 

Don’t forget to update the bath towels too. You might choose to contrast the colour for a pop of interest or maybe tone in and perhaps add a display shelf for your favourite candles and toiletries.

I hope you enjoyed reading these suggestions? It doesn’t need to cost the earth to revamp your bathroom and give it a lovely lux feel. Just think about what would make the most impact for you and take it one step at a time. Plan it all out beforehand, do your research and I’m sure you’ll make the right decisions. Enjoy the process!

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