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Three Musketeers Blog Hello! Thank you for checking out our site. We are three best friends – Sabrina, Danielle and Alex and we are here to share our recommendations, tips and anything we think that might help you and us navigate through life.

Sabrina is the travel-mad one and loves exploring this amazing world we live in. She usually decides where to go and we will follow. So look out for some amazing travel tips from her.

Danielle has recently bought a new home and loves writing all about her plans for her new place as well as sharing plenty of tips and advice she has learned along the way. She is also a newlywed and often writes about weddings. We call her the wedding pro and will be coming to her for tips when the time comes!

Alex is the health and fitness guru who happens to adore food too. Alex is also a parent to two gorgeous boys so has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share too.

Three Musketeers is unpretentious, real and we would like to think a bit fun too! Our readers are often similar to this and we love all of the feedback and engagement we get from you.

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